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DSC02349The afternoon sun is filtering through the leaves, green to light green as the breeze rustles through.  I sit in my tower and listen as an oriole sings.  Wheet…wheet wheet….wheeta wheeta wheeta.  I’m surrounded by windows up here, high in the treetops of what we call the eagles nest.  Aristotle said “Happiness is the settling of the soul into its most appropriate spot”.  And I am in my most appropriate spot.  My soul is happy.

As Dad and I drove to the north woods this morning, as each mile passed, I could feel myself becoming lighter.  It was as if little pieces of worries were just falling off with each turn of the wheels.  For the next week or so, there will be peace and quiet here.  Time to write, time to read, time to sit and breathe the forest.  In a couple of weeks, the woods will ring with shouts, there will be laughter and splashes on the lake, as my brothers and sisters, nephews, and grandchildren all make an appearance in this blessed place.  And it is a blessed place.

We call it Shonas, which means a piece of heaven, and for our family, it is a piece of heaven.  Not just the cabin, which is lovely and unique, but the entire property, the lakes, the woods, the trails, even the swamps.  There is magic here.  When you are quiet, when you listen closely, you can hear the footsteps of deer as they make their way down to the shore to get a drink.  As the sun begins to set, you hear the mournful cry of the loons.  In the early morning light an eagle will perch on a branch 30 feet away.  When you are tired, or troubled, the woods will bring you peace.

There is the magic of a child’s wonder, as you watch them watch a fish swim under the pier.  There is the magic in  their shrieks as they take their first jump into the cool waters of the lake.  In the awe in their eyes as they watch a fawn cross the path no more than a hundred feet in front of them.

There is the magic of conversations with siblings that I see far too seldom.  Of shared tasks and silly jokes.  Of quiet talks with my dad, and tales told by my mom.  Shonas is a place where time can, for a bit, stand still.  And that is magic.  It is why my soul feels that it is in the “most appropriate spot” and I am happy.

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